Best Survey Bypass Tools & Softwares In 2021 (FREE)

In case if we need some information from the Internet, we would need a good user interface which will help us to get a good experience overall. But a big headache could be these popup ads and surveys which bother us the most. Here in this article, we have brought you the Best Survey Bypass Tools and Softwares 2021, which will help you to get a good user experience overall.

Survey Bypasser Tools

I am personally annoyed with these surveys, these surveys are always been a headache to me because they won’t even allow you to get the information from the internet until you complete the survey. If you are here then I assume you have faced the same issues as I have, so in case if you don’t know that you can also bypass the surveys through using some tools, then let me tell you that there are many tools which you can use to bypass these surveys and here we will mention the Best Survey Bypass Tools and Softwares In 2021.

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Why You Need Survey Bypasser Tools?

If you want to search for any information or to download an application, then we take the help of the internet. Therefore almost all the applications and detailed information about almost every topic are available over the internet. So to access the information, there are some advertisements that you are made to watch or you are asked to fill a simple survey before you download the application or reading the information given there.

Filling a survey can be done a couple of times but, if you feel annoyed by frequently asked questions, then don’t worry because you can make your way through the surveys without actually filling them by using the survey bypass tools online.

These online surveys are the set of questions, polls, and opinions that allows or actually can force the user to complete it to get the desired download link, files, or pattern. Well, you would have been known that there are a lot of jobs available in the market just to fill up such surveys. These Online Surveys are done in purpose to get the audience data, behaviors, interest, and identity.

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Best Survey Bypass Tools and Softwares

Here we will be discussing some methods which will help you in bypassing these surveys and making it easier to read information or download applications from the internet. Now let me know about these methods in detail.

Method 1: Using Online Internet Websites

There are actually quite a few websites available on the internet which can help you in bypassing the surveys. One of the useful websites is known as ‘Bypass Survey’ which we have found after a lot of research. The features of this website are listed below step by step.

1. Survey Bypass (

Survey Bypass Website

You would have guessed by now what this website is all about, as its name suggests, this website specializes in bypassing the surveys which block you from accessing the required files. So if you want to remove the surveys from any particular website, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of that website in the field dedicated to the target URL in the Bypass Survey Website. Therefore along with the survey bypass, there are several other options available in this such as:

  • It allows cookies.
  • Helps to remove script
  • Encrypt page.

Overall this is one of the best online websites for bypassing a survey.

2. Bypass Survey Online (

Bypass Survery

Bypass Survey Online is amazing and also easy to access the website with a user-friendly interface, which helps you to bypass the surveys from various authority sites as well. All you need to do is visit the given Website URL & submit Survey URL or File link in the field & click on Go button. It will directly bypass the survey available on the link.

Method 2: Using Browser Extensions Free

While you are surfing in a browser then there is various survey removers extension you will get. Each of them is compatible with some or another web browser.

1. Redirect Bypasser – Firefox

Redirect Bypasser Extension

Redirect Bypasser extension is compatible with Mozilla Firefox only. However, it performs its task efficiently. One of the benefits of using this extension is that it automatically detects the surveys which will be blocking the content and will destroy them. And for this reason, you will not find any survey on any website. In case if you use the browser named Firefox to surf the internet then only you can make use of Redirect Bypasser. The steps are as follows:-

Step 1: First, Download Redirect Bypasser Add-ons for the browser Firefox using the single link.

Step 2: Now click on “+Add to Firefox” to download Redirect Bypasser. Note that you should be using Mozilla Firefox as it is not compatible with any other browser which is available over the internet.

Step 3: You can also click “Download Firefox” on the website to install the Firefox browser on your device.

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2. XJZ Survey Remover

It is another amazing extension for windows as well as MacOS that will help you to remove the survey pages and then redirect you to the final destination. XJZ Survey Remover block survey sections from particular pages and make your overall browsing experience as good as possible.

Step 1:  First, you have to open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC and open the link given.

Step 2: Click the link to start installing the extension i.e. “XJZ SurveyRemover”.

Step 3: Finally when the installation is completed then open the file named “Extension Chrome.exe”

Step 4: Though it will have been installed directly on your Google Chrome browser and you can safely bypass the online survey websites.

In case you have a different web browser then you can search for them separately but then all we can do is this because I assumed a maximum of you use these browsers only. You may also like to read How To Change margins in Google Documents.

Final Words

The methods mentioned here can be used to Bypass Online Surveys that will be asked you to fill online before accessing the content of the website or before downloading any file. So you can either use the methods listed above or in case you know about any other tool then please let us know below in the comments.

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