Textsheet Alternatives – Best Similar Sites Like Textsheet

In case if you don’t know previously there was a site name which was referred to as textsheet.com and which was popular among students very much. Actually, it was an educational website which use to help students to find answers or solutions for their school or college projects, homework assignment, and other such things.

But in this world where it is full of competition and where you want to make your life much easier by doing smart work, their textsheet was one of the study material or something like that which helps students to make or complete there projects or assignments of college or school. But for some reason, the text sheet has been officially closed because of a DMCA claim.

10+ Best Textsheet Alternatives

Similar to Evite Alternatives, there are plently of websites available on the internet which are similar to textsheet. All of them are helpful for students to get the answers of their desired questions. Well, we have collected some of the Best among them which are shared below. 

Textsheet Alternatives 2020

  1. CrazyForStudy
  2. Chegg
  3. Slader
  4. Studylibit
  5. SparkNotes
  6. PaperHelp
  7. Course Hero
  8. Quora
  9. Gutenberg
  10. WebMath

Similar Sites Like Textsheet (*Top*)

Knowing how popular textsheet was when it got closed it affected a lot of student lives and their studies. So here are we looked you guys 10+ alternatives of textsheet which will make your life easier and help you to do smart work as textsheet use to do.

Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study

This is one of the best textsheet alternatives which you would be looking for, according to the rating and review of 11.5k+ students it received 4.7-star ratings from a student like us. For many years this site has been actually helping hand to a lot of students. This site CrazyForStudy has a collection of over 50 Million Books, so with such collection, this site has been very helpful and provide a lot of help to its users.

On the other hand, it also solves and gives you the answer to subjects like Maths, Computer Science, Physics, History, Engineering and a lot more.

Visit Crazy For Study


Yes, the one who claimed DMCA claim to the TextSheet should have been in the list of Alternatives of TextSheet.

Chegg Free

So telling about Chegg, it is an academic platform that is situated in Santa Clara a place in California. Chegg is one of the most popular sites which help the student to rent textbooks, scholarship and also home help. This company has actually started to help the students in their study-related queries or providing such bits of help to the students.

The name Chegg came from the word Chicken’s “Ch” and Egg’s “egg”, now you came to know how the word came.But referring to Chegg it is one of the best institutional sites, and this is also one of the best similar site like textsheet.

Visit Chegg


Slader is a USA based site which is popular among the student of USA and it is a USA syllabus based site. It actually provides USA based syllabus question’s all answers.


From all over the world it provides the best answer to the question and also it provides a tutor too. It also claims that it has improved a lot in recent times whether it is about its quality and also it has started it’s services for university-based students or their level of students. The interface which it has designed is too good because it has kept his interface too simple and attractive, which makes it’s more user friendly.

Actually it is a free website which provides students free services. But the worst and the best thing about this is site is this only, that if they are running this site totally free then they need some amount to run this site too, so they show ads and it is the worst part of it. But it makes this site totally free of an ad by subscribing to it is only $2.

Visit Sladder


This site is quite disappointing at the beginning and confusing for its a complicated feature. But this is also the best thing about this it helps to learn the students more efficiently and with more exciting and working strategies of it.


It has many users around the whole globe, who are taking advantage of its services.  It is an academic platform where you can also read, write, print worksheets and it also uploads study-related documents that can be helpful for you.

In case if you are choosing this site as an alternative of textsheet then you are not making a wrong choice, I must say.  And in addition, it also provides a free of cost checking of grammar and spelling.

Visit Studylib

Spark Notes

This is a company that provides study guides for various things like for poem, literature, language and all.

Spark Notes

On the other hand, you can also start preparing for different competitive examinations like ACT, SAT, GRE and more. If we see it is the best online study material for literature and more similar topics.

Like other TextSheets Alternatives, it has also an easily accessible site and also has an app on the Play Store or App Store.

Visit Spark Notes

Paper Help

Paper help is also a good choice if you are looking for an alternative to the textsheet. It has an amazing user interface which will let you fall in love with it more and more. Also, It helps to answer the student’s questions more efficiently.

Paper Help

It will help you to do your project and assignment & solve your solutions with a correct explanation to it. Perhaps using paper help it will available you to many study material which helps you to do your work more efficiently.

Visit Paper Help

Course Hero

This site is also a good alternative, it also helps students with their projected and assignment related work. It has over 25 Million courses available in online courses which helps students to complete with there projects.

Course Hero Alternative

Actually, in this students upload questions and the tutors available there help them to get the there correct answer. The students who have exams in head and have some queries related to any question they can ask online here and they will soon get an answer from the tutor available there.

The worksheets or any of the content which is available here are provided by the students and teachers who are using this, it also has an app that is available at play store and app store.

Visit Course Hero


It is not that much likely as an alternative of text sheet but it is a platform where you can raise your questions and instantly you will get an answer to it as soon someone sees your question.


Actually here you have to only post the question and it won’t take much longer some experts to answer your question. And it’s pretty impressive how the experts here give the answer in a very detailed manner.

Visit Quora

Project Gutenberg

This site helps you to access a lot of classic books which will help the students more. Many professors also use this site to provide lessons to there students.

Project Gutenberg

It provides you with all books free and if you don’t have enough money or planning to save money you can just download digitally from here. These books can be downloaded in style or format of PDF.

Visit Project Gutenberg


We can easily do or write an essay, we can even understand history but things get bitter when it comes to Mathematics. We lose our hand in Maths whenever we do or try to understand it.


In a simple way, we can say that we have WebMath which can help us understanding Mathematics in a better way and it explains it briefly. The efforts which you have to put into it just type the questions and you will get the answer of the problem in a very brief manner.

Visit Webmath

The list which I have provided you is just an example but they will help you a lot in your studies. Such websites help the learner in many ways. So just try these sites once.

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After reading this the first question which arose in your head would be,

Why TextSheet was officially closed?

So the answer is not much complicated, it was a fault of textsheet why it was shut down, actually, textsheet used to take answers from Chegg’s API and then they provide an answer to the students. For this reason, Chegg filed a DMCA claim against Textsheet based on copyrighted content. If you don’t know what Chegg is it is also a Top Textsheet alternative which also helps students to find their answers and solution.

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