How To Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily? [Guide]

Avast is one of the most used Anti-viruses around the whole globe. It is popular for its amazing user experience with it and one of the major part of it to get popular so much is because of it offering it users a free version of it which let them and help them to solve and look into there PC problems related to Antivirus for free. One of its biggest rivals was AVG but soon in 2016 it acquires it too and for this reason, now both use Avast malware scanning engine.

Turn off Avast antivirus

These days people are willing to download & install third party applications in their mobile or PC. But sometimes, Antiviral Firewall system blocks the installation of such apps because of security issues found in the apps or software. But, there are lots of Important softwares or games which you need to install even if your antivirus doesn’t allow them to install. In that case, the only thing you can do is Disable Antivirus for a specific time & after re-enable it again.

How To Disable Avast Antivirus?

In case if you want to Disable/Turn Off Avast Antivirus so you don’t have to uninstall the program, because once in a while we all need to turn off the Avast Antivirus because it won’t let you install third-party software such as a firewall or it could be that Avast is just blocking your favourite site to get loaded. But you don’t have to worry because every problem has some solutions to it so this problem also has solutions which will let you Temporary disable the Avast Antivirus.

Turn Off Avast Antivirus Completely (Disabling All Shields):-

There are two thing you can do in your PC. One of them Turning off Avast completely for a period of time and other is disabling specific shields which are blocking your software from getting installed on your PC. Here are the steps you need to follow If you want to disable Avast All Shields.

  • Navigate yourself to the Windows taskbar and find the orange avast icon, somehow it is hidden in some windows system, but this is only for the specific windows system.
  • When you will find it then right-click on the icon then scroll down for the option “Avast shield control” and select one of the options there, they have offered you four options which are (i) 10 minutes (ii) 1 hour (iii) until computer restarts (iv) permanently.

Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily

  • So whichever option you would have chosen the Avast will always ask for a confirmation for which you have to then confirm about your picking up your option once more. You just have to click on “Yes” and that’s it. Now you are all done.
  • But if you still want to reconfirm whether it has been turned off temporarily or not then you just open its main window which will be looking red and will be saying “All antivirus shields are off“.
  • In case if you want to reenable it again click on the green button there which says “Resolve“, and then it should automatically be turned into the message “You’re protected“.

Disable Specific Shield On Avast Antivirus:- 

Before this, I told you how to Disable All shield On Avast Antivirus, but besides this, you can also turn off specific shield in avast antivirus. Yes, you read it correctly that we can also turn off a specific shield. So for this, we have to follow the steps as follow:-

  • Open the Avast Antivirus Dashboard. Visit to Protect -> Core shields. And while doing this you can also visit the settings there then chose the option Components, here you will see all the four avast shields listed accordingly. Choose according to which you want to choose from the four options.

Disable Shields In Avast

  • Now if the shield has been successfully deactivated then you will see that the switch will change to “OFF” and then main default window should be yellow with the message “File shield is now off“.

Turn Off Avast File Shield

  • In case if you want to reenable it again then you have to click on the green button which would say “Turn on“, so after clicking, it should turn green with the message “You are protected”.

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus?

Just in case if none of the above two has solved your problem then you would have left with one option with you is to uninstalling the problem at last, but I totally deny the fact that any of the above would not work as because even me myself is using Avast for years and the features and protection it gives me is amazing.

  • Locate yourself to the Avast Antivirus in windows.
  • Now start the uninstall process by clicking on “Uninstall” shown there.

How To Uninstall Avast Antivirus

  • Now they will ask for reconfirmation of the uninstalling process so you have to click on “Yes“.
  • You have to confirm the uninstall process again.

Confirm Uninstall Avast antivirus

  • Now, wait until the uninstall process gets over.

At no cost, it provides the best protection to your PC. So I strongly disagree to uninstall this amazing Antivirus but at last, this would be last option left with you. You may also like to know How to Change Margins in Google Docs

Why Avast Is Better than Other Anti-viruses?

It is loved because it is easy to understand to use, it has four main protection components which are as followed, File shield, Behaviour shield, Mail shield, and the final important one is the Web Shield. Then another thing which I love about using Avast Antivirus is that it gives solid protection to your PC, then it is aggressively offering its Pro version at a reasonable price which is only $15.

It also offers you a 60 day trial on its Avast Internet Security, which is bidding at $20. So as you can see that all are at a reasonable price, this what I was talking about and this is how it got famous all over the globe. In the market, the free antivirus which is available right now is a little disturbing because they pop up always by asking to subscribe to its one-year subscription, but in this case, Avast is a bit different because they don’t do this much often like another one.

Why Need to Disable Avast?

Sometimes when you try to Install any third party application like your favourite game, software, etc then installation gets block because of Antivirus installed in your system. You might get block to access your favourite site because of Avast Antivirus. So, the solution is either you Disable the antivirus for a period of time or delete it permanently.

It depends on you what you choose to do as we have shared steps for both How to Disable Avast & How to Uninstall Avast permanently. We always recommend you to keep the Antivirus installed in your PC. If you’re getting block for doing some tasks then in that case you can Turn Off Antivirus for a short period of time. But, never forget to Turn if On again.

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