10+ Best Evite Alternatives – Sites Like Evite for Event Planning

If you’re a party person then you would definitely know about Evite and how it works. But however, if you don’t know the actual use of Evite then let me tell you something about Evite. Actually Evite is been practice to invite people to your house for a party or some social gathering. It is been now used commonly and also practice daily.

Evite Alternatives

This article is full of Similar sites like Evite with same functioning and features. Evite has a feature where users have to enter the email address of the guests whom they want to send invitation mails. It is found one of the best online services used for creating online invitation cards. You might need some Evite alternatives if this site is not available in your country or area. Here below are some best of them.

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Best Alternatives of Evite

Another and a very special feature of Evite is that it gives the host some awesome ideas for there party, which directly helps the host to be more decorative and to be more open-minded about the ideas of there own party. Now if you’re finding some alternatives for Evite then we are here to provide you with some alternatives which just work like Evite and will help you inviting your prospective guest as Evite helps you to. So here are some alternatives to Evite with similar features and with the same use.



Smile box is one of the best alternatives of Evite, it has similar features. It helps the host to invite people in this virtual world quickly and easily. It is just another alternative of Evite which helps people to create invitations in a very simple and easy way. You can also make invitations in the form of slideshows, scrapbooks, and photo albums, Sending such invitations would be very creative of the host and also a great initiative to get a good impression from the guest by just only sending such beautiful and creative invitations to them.

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Paperless Post

It is an online social platform where its users who are planning to plan a party for there guest they can make some creative invitations card for them, PaperlessPost is just trying to redefine the stationery card tradition which is going on from a long time. And if you think logically and practically then it is the best solution for you because you can just dispatch the invitations and track them online also the best part of it is that it has a huge variety of templates for the invitations and card from which you can choose one of them to send it to your host.

It will also help you to get the RVSP (please respond) status of the guests you invited and also to cancel the event you were planning to host or to reschedule it until the last moment. It helps you to send 500 invitations at a time in the free version and 1500 on the paid version. For such reasons, it is one of the Best Alternative of Evite 2020.

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Anyvite is Another Alternative of Evite which does similar work for you as Evite does, it helps you to invite guests with the help of a creative invitations card. It helps the host to make a professional level invitations card not only this feature which has fascinated me but also helps to set up different types of invitations card for any event whether it is a casual party or an occasion to celebrate. So we can claim it as a Good Evite Alternatives.

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This invitations site provides you with the best invitation card because it provides card according to the event, which would be apt for the occasion, it’s totally up to you whether it is birthday or a marriage ceremony or anything else, name it and you will get it up here on one of the Useful Evite Alternatives. Also, it comes with 5000 designs to put up on the invitation card, and the best part of it is that it is free to use and the cherry on the cake is that it got no advertisement in it, which usually irritates users a lot.

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Canva is used to create beautiful designs, documents, images, thumbnails & much more. You can use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics to create Invitation cards. It has thousands of inbuilt templates available for free. You can buy Canva premium to access more features which will help you to create attractive & unique Invitation Cards for parties & functions.

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If you are a geek inside and also you don’t know how to socialize easily and you are thinking of throwing a party then this is one of the Top Evite Alternatives for you because it helps you to plan a well and good party to throw, it suggests you some best tips and ideas for your event. It suggests everything, like the small details about the party also because these small details can matter to your many guests. Another fascinating feature of Punchbowl Evite Alternative is that it tracks and keep a check on your guest if they can make it on your party or not.

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Above we have suggested the Top 5 Best Evite Alternatives, which we are sure that they will make your life much easier than before it was. Now you can easily customize the invitations with the help of such sites and you can save your time, and always the effort you used to put before knowing about all these features, now it will be more effortless and less time consuming for you to send invitations to your family and friend.

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