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We all know what is WhatsApp and what it does. In case if you don’t know WhatsApp connects people through the internet, let the person be in any place in the world but WhatsApp helps to connect with the person anywhere anytime they want to. The people who use WhatsApp are kind of fascinated by it but what if I tell you that Whatsapp in itself is not that perfect. It lacks many features.

FMWhatsApp APK For Android

Whatsapp isn’t perfect that much you think, but what if I give you an option of choosing WhatsApp with its natural features as it is or using WhatsApp with some amazing customizable features by which you will kinda fall in love with it? Obviously, your or anyone else’s answer would be using Whatsapp with much more fascinating features, right?

For that above reason, a developer name Fouad Mokdad has developed a mod of WhatsApp with much greater features named FmWhatsapp. In this Whatsapp MOD, you will get a lot of features that are not available in normal Whatsapp. FmWhatsApp Apk was developed by Fouad Mokdad which is a modified version of official Whatsapp available in Playstore or app store.

But in case if you want an overview of FmWhatsapp Latest Version 2021 then you can see the table below it will help you to overview things not in detail but in a helpful manner.

FmWa Apk

Size 51.MB
Version Requirement 4.1 Android
Cost Freeware
Total Downloads 100000+
Package Name com.FmWhatsApp.
Developer FM Mods
Last Update June 3, 2021

Why You Should Use FMWhatsApp Mod Apk?

As I have informed before that FMWhatsApp Mod 2021  is a much more modified version of official WhatsApp which lets the user enjoy some additional features which are not available in the normal version of it. So it will simply make your user experience more good and beautiful with its cool features and its most loved user interface which is the best thing in it.

This app actually gives you all the permission which you needed previously, it provides you some amazing features and some sort of amazing themes, emojis, and many things which I will be explaining after this. So if you see using an upgraded version of any app let you explore such features that are not available in the original app too.

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Features of FMWhatsApp Version 14.09

When you can get more than you are provided then why you want to settle for less than it? Yes the amazing features which I’m going to tell you, are not available in the official version of WhatsApp. In the official version of WhatsApp, you are not going to find out such amazing and mind-blowing features. So the features are as followed:-

FMWhatsapp Features That Makes it More Popular

1). Freezes Whatsapp Last Seen:– I am going to mention the most used and the most loved feature of FMWhatsApp Mod Apk 2020, that is “It freezes your last seen the time you want to show your contacts” isn’t it cool and savage at the same time? because you gonna be online for the rest of the time thee time and the last seen to others would be shown is the time you want.

2). Hide Your View on Anyone’s Status:- It is another coolest feature provided by FMWhatsApp Apk, by this feature another person will never know if you have seen their status or not.

3). Hide Double & Blue Tick:- You can hide both double or blue tick even if you have seen the sender’s message or it has been delivered to you.

4). Hide your Typing or Voice Recording Action:- Yeah, the one who you are talking to will never know that if you are typing or recording a voice for that point in time when you haven’t sent the message yet. So this one is also a helpful and amazing feature added by FMWhatsApp Mod 2020.

5). Forward Messages without Forwarded Tag: As the name suggests, it helps you to remove forwarded message tage even if you have forward a message to your friends on FMWA App.

6). Restrict Calls: You can choose who can call you on Whatsapp and who can not without blocking them.

7). View Deleted Status: One of the most unfair features of it is that if someone will post a status and delete it for somewhat reason, then also you can see it in the “status section after they delete it” I know its kinda unfair but this is how it is.

8). View Deleted Messages: Similar to the above feature in this one where the normal Whatsapp user cannot see the messages which are deleted for everyone but in FmWhatsApp Mod 2020 you can see the messages after the feature “Delete for everyone” is used.

9). Unlimited Free Themes & Skins: A similar feature as many mods have is the customization of the theme, yes I know many of you have been bored with the green and white theme so here you can choose them accordingly.

These are some of the special features you’ll get in FMWA Apk. You cannot find these unlocked features in original Whatsapp App. To enjoy these features, all you need to do is download the Apk file & Install the FmWhatsapp App on your device.

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FMWhatsapp Mod Apk Installation Guide

As usual, it is not available in the play store. Yes it is natural because just like any other mod this can be found over the internet or in some sort of sites that provides such apps on their website, but here you will get a total of guided steps about how to download FmWhatsApp Latest. So here you go with it:-

1). First, Download the APK File from the download links shared above. After that, go to My Files & search for the file named FmWhatsapp.

2). Click on file & tap on Install button.

3). It may ask you to Allow the Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources if you’re installing downloaded Apk on your phone for the first time. Go to Settings >> Security >> Give Permission to Allow Installation.

4). Click on the Install button again. It will take a few seconds.

That’s all. FMWhatsapp Apk has successfully Installed on your device.

FmWhatsapp Installation Guide5). Open the App & Enter the mobile number you want to register with Fmwhatsapp.

6). Click on Next & Restore your chats if you have the backup.

7) Enter your Desired Name & Select Profile Picture you want.

FmWhatsapp Apk Install

You’re all set to enjoy all the Amazing features of FmWhatsapp Latest Version.

Final Words

Whatsapp itself has lots of amazing features which allow you to do lots of tasks on a single app including sharing photos, videos, Audio & video calls, Group Chats, etc. If you’re not interested in adding more twists to your Whatsapp account then you don’t need to download FmWhatsapp. FMWA is designed for those who are interested in modifying their original Whatsapp account by adding personalization, customization, etc. but it cannot guarantee your absolute privacy.

If you’re concerned about your privacy then we don’t recommend you to download any Mod version of the Whatsapp app. Official Whatsapp can give you privacy, legalization & your account safety. But, you can’t expect all these from a modified version like FM Whatsapp or YoWhatsapp. They can compromise your security, and developers can spy on you.

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