How To Change Margins in Google Docs? [Full Guide]

There are many word processors available but google provides its own word processor named Google Docs, so like many other word processors that are available in market google docs also lets you change margin in it. The margin in a page is the white or blank space around the text in your document. They appear on the top, bottom, left and right sides.

In Google Docs when you open a new document or an existing one then you will see that it has some default margins present there already. And if you want to change default margins in Google Docs then it is a pretty easy method to do. There are three methods, first, one only works for the left and right margin and the second one works to set margin for the entire document and to change paragraph margins in Google Docs.

Change Margins In Google Docs

What Is Google Docs?

Google docs is used to create, edit or store documents, invitation cards, Event Cards, etc. It is a free web online web-based application available free for everyone. Users can access files from any computer or device using the email sign-in with internet connection. Users from anywhere can edit or update documents easily with an edit access only. It has various default fonts, file formats, & other editing tools.

Google Docs

It is one of the best word processing software offered by google. Google Docs has default page constraints such as margins, font size, colour, etc. on its documents page to make the page look clean & user-friendly. But, Sometimes even if you need to change these constraints then you don’t need to worry about. You can easily Learn how to Adjust margins in google docs. Just read this tutorial till the end.

Change The Left And Right Margin In Google Docs

There are lots of thing you need to do to adjust margins in Google docs. But that’s not a tough task if everything is explained to you in detail. If you have an existing document & wants to change its margin then simply follow these below steps in your PC or laptop.

  • First, visit the Google Docs
  • Now create a new document or choose an existing file if you want to make some changes in it.
  • Look at the top you will find a ruler there
  • Then to change the left margin, you have to find for a rectangular bar with a down-facing triangle underneath it.
  • Now just click the triangle and drag it towards the down-facing triangle along the ruler.
  • In case you want to change the right margin then you have to look for the down-facing triangle on the right end of the ruler.
  • Click the triangle and drag it towards the down-facing triangle along the ruler.

Now you have successfully changed the left and right margin in google docs.

Set Document Margins In Google Documents

Well, If you use Google Documents on a regular basis & wants to set default page margins in document page then these steps will help you. You just need to setup a default Page margins from page setting & that’s all.

  • First, visit the Google Docs.
  • Click on the option File.
  • Select Page Setup.

Change Document Margins

  • Then change the Margins as per your needs.
  • Now, Click OK. Choose set as default if you want future documents to get these margins.

Page Margins Setup In Google Docs

Now you have successfully changed the Margins In Google Docs

Change Paragraphs Margins In Google Docs

So if you are changing paragraphs margins in google docs then you can also specifically set the right and left margins, so this is somewhat related to the first method I told you.

  • Click the left downward pointing triangle to drag it afterward, this will help you to set the left margin for that specific paragraph.
  • Click the right downward-pointing table to drag it afterward, this will help you to set the right margin for that specific paragraph

Adjust Left & Right Margin

Reasons Why You Should Use Google Docs:-

Whenever people talk about cloud computing the shining star in it would be Google Docs, the only place where apple lacks in competition with google is because of Google Docs. In case if you don’t know what is cloud computing then here it is shortly explained for you, cloud computing is a simple idea of storing files online, whenever you need them you just can get them online with the help of the Internet. to access those files the all you need is the Internet nothing else.

So do you want to know why Google Docs is so amazing and useful? Here you go with it:-

  • Helps in perfect syncing:- You don’t have to make a duplicate copy of the file to access it from one place to another. So no more sending documents or putting a copy in the hard drive.
  • All Hassles are gone:- Getting the help of Google Docs you can drive from editing a sentence from one device and just see it within two seconds on another device.
  • The Collaborations that changed the whole game:- Google Docs not only allows good syncing but also helps you to manage files no matter what device you are in. In Google Docs you can edit your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents much easier. The earlier version of Google Docs uses to make things easier while not make both of the users working on the same piece of text.
  • Works Everywhere:- You can use Google Docs in the browser too. It doesn’t require any external app to use it though it has its own app if it is not portable for your device you can access it with the help of a browser. But in its official app, you can enhance your user experience, because it provides a central place where you can manage sharing and edit the documents.
  • It’s Totally Free:- Like most of the google applications and features Google Docs are also totally free, you can access it free of cost and experience its features.

How Secure Google Docs Is?

But in this question I would cross-question you that, How secure is anything on the web?  But still google docs use HTTPS in its documents which symbolise that it adds one layer protection to it. So if you didn’t know about HTTPS before so you got to know about this now. Whichever site you always check whether after the “HTTP” there “S” is present or not, it will help you to know about how much secure the site actually is. Also, you can add double layer protection by adding two-step authentication, which involves a One Time Password to access it.

All over Google Docs is one of the best application brought by google and it is one of the useful application as most of the google applications are, so I personally prefer google docs for my professional work or any other document related work because it’s one of the best comparing all other available in the market. Also, we have explained you How To Set Margins In google documents so you don’t need to explore any other document site for any type of work.

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